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Seeing the Light: Creative Use Of The Off Camera Flash

Seeing the Light: Creative Use Of The Off Camera Flash / Class #1008



This course is designed as the second lighting course offered by the Creative Light! After taking our foundation lighting course Class #1004 Exploring Off Camera Flash: Speedlight = Great Light you have some understanding of the use of your speed lights. It’s time to take that basic understanding and put it to practice in real lighting scenarios! Learn to work with lights on an instinctive level, master the TTL, and explore the creative lighting solutions for your photographs!

Tom Turner discussing off camera flash

Tom Turner discussing off camera flash

What You Need to Know Before This Class: 
How to make a great available light exposure, basic composition and a basic understanding of an on
xxxcamera flash

What to Bring to Class:
xxxCamera and Lens
Off camera Flash
Open mind and sense of humor
Bring a sack lunch



Instructor:   Tom Turner
Date:              Saturday / October 21, 2017
Time:             10:30 am to 2:30 pm / 4 hour session
Location:      OKrent’s Abbey Flooring Center
xxxxxxxxxxx2075 North Loop 1604 East
Tuition:         $69.00 / Class#1008

Full payment is due upon your registration.

Withdrawal from a workshop seven days prior to the workshop start date is subject to a $35.00 cancellation fee for $69.00 workshops and $25.00 for $49.50 workshops.  No refunds will be given for lab or material fees.
No refund of any fees will be made for withdrawal one week or less prior to the workshop.

Please see the Policy Information page for complete information about cancellations and refunds.
Classes can be paid with cash, check or credit card and full payment must be made upon registration.

Contact 210-367-0724 for cash or check payment or send your payment with your class information to:
The Creative Light
150 E. Torrey Street
New Braunfels, Texas 78130

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