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Independent Instruction Class

Cavender-Garcia-3044 small image for webIndependent Instruction / Class #1007

For those of you who cannot predict your time and prefer a one-on-one experience, Nancy Cavender-Garcia offers private instruction in your own home. Possible topics include:

  • camera basics (digital or film)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • composition
  • portfolio review
  • photography/art career expertise
  • indoor and outdoor lighting
  • other individual topics

You can have as many Independent Instruction sessions as you feel you need.  All classes are by appointment and will be structured to meet the needs of the student.  Instruction is recommended for two-hour sessions; however a one-hour session is possible.  Instruction for more than two hours is not recommended.

What You Need to Know Before This Class

  • Not much, just be able to take your camera out of its box.

Instructor:  Nancy Cavender-Garcia
Classes can be paid with cash, check or credit card
Contact 210-367-0724 for cash or check payment or send your payment to the address on the contact page with your class information
Please see the Policy Information page for information about cancellations and refunds
Click below to register with credit card payment

 $40.00 for one hour

$75.00 for two hours 

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