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March 4th – A Great Day for Light!

Photography without light is like painting without paint.  On Saturday March 4th, you will get the opportunity to increase your lighting skills through off camera flashes.

Tom Turner discussing off camera flash

This workshop, Seeing the Light: Creative Use Of The Off Camera Flash, taught by Tom Turner is designed as the second lighting course offered by the Creative Light! If you already know a bit about your off camera flash or you have taken our foundation lighting course Exploring Off Camera Flash: Speedlight = Great Light then this is the opportunity to take your flash skills to the next level.  Learn to work with lights on an instinctive level, master the TTL, and explore the creative lighting solutions for your photographs!


Off Camera Flash Workshop Spring 2015






Join us by going to to get the details or click here to sign up.  Also, if you have any questions please feel free to contact Nancy Cavender Garcia at 210-367-0724.

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