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Your Adobe Lightroom Problems Solved!

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful software that every photographer needs to know how to use to its fullest.  I know I need to improve my skills and that is why I am looking forward to the workshop Lightroom: The More Advanced Workflow this Saturday, February 18th.  This workshop will be taught by Tom Turner an expert in the software and I know all of the participants are going to learn how to use Lightroom in a more complete way.  He will cover advanced keyword searching to create smart catalogs, the print book, slideshow and web modules plus much more.  This workshop will put you in the driver’s seat and give you the ability to take your images to that next level of excellence.

Tom Turner teaching the Lightroom Lite class in June

The workshop is four hours from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm this coming Saturday and is priced at $69.00 per person.  Go to the website for more information and to register.  If you would prefer to pay with cash or check simply email me to let me know that you will be coming, I will save you a seat and you can pay on the day of the workshop.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about Lightroom and ask all of those nagging questions that have been slowing your progress, so we hope to see you there.  And if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email or feel free to call at 210-367-0724.

I have included the class details and of course if you want more information about the other workshop offerings you can go to

Lightroom: The More Advanced Workflow Class

Starting back up from where we left off in Lightroom Lite, we will begin taking our photography to the next level.  We will start off using the power of Lightroom through advanced keyword searching to create smart catalogs. This course is designed to put you in the driver’s seat behind the more advanced features available in Adobe Lightroom. This course will also cover the print, book, slideshow, and web modules. You will learn the confidence to create using this dynamic tool.

What You Need to Know Before This Class

  • Lightroom Basics
  • How to create a Lightroom catalog

Hope to see you there!



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