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How to Use Your Digital Camera / Class #1001

Did you just buy a new digital SLR camera? Do you only use your digital camera on automatic and have no idea what all those other buttons are about?  Want to figure out how to use it? This four hour workshop will assist students in understanding the controls and functions of their digital cameras. You will learn about camera menu options and fundamental technical information including aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure. With this informal hands-on session you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of your camera and how to take great photographs.


Lightroom Workflow: Lightroom Lite  / Class #1003

So you have some good shots, now what? How do you view, edit, print or share them in any way? This course will help you conquer your fear of new software and turn your good shots into Great shots. This course is designed to give you a dynamic understanding of the workflow available through Adobe Lightroom. You will learn the tools to manage their catalogs of digital photographs along with the tips and tricks offered by the camera RAW presets built within Lightroom. We will discover how to edit and tone their images in a variety of styles, add effects, and manage their catalogs with keywords, metadata, and smart collections.


Exploring Off Camera Flash: Speedlight = Great Light / Class #1004

Now that you know how to make great natural light images it is time to add some sizzle to your portraiture! Take the heat up on your image making with Speedlight = Great Light. This course is designed to give you all of the basics for making dynamic images in all lighting conditions. Learn how to balance ambient and flash exposures! Take control of your camera and flash through the use of TTL, (Through the Lens)! Explore the abundance of light modifiers and flash triggers available to photographers today!


The Creative Light’s mission is to promote creativity through inspiring classes of all types designed for participants of all levels, taught by dedicated instructors in a participatory learning experience. We aim to provide a positive space for students to develop their creative potential. We also strive to provide a supportive inspirational community where participants build confidence in achieving their artistic goals both personally and professionally. Through The Creative Light you are sure to find an experience that will take your skills to the next level.

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