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Photo Credit - Stuart Allen Art Services
Photo Credit - Stuart Allen Art Services
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Confluence Park Walkabout


Partnering with the San Antonio River Foundation, The Creative Light invites you to join us for a day of photographing at San Antonio’s newest riverside landmark, Confluence Park.  This workshop is designed to strengthen your artistic vision with expert guidance on all aspects of photography, including exposure and artistic composition in a small and supportive environment.  For beginners and advanced photographers alike, this event will be led by Nancy Cavender-Garcia.  


Saturday / April 28, 2018 

Spaces is limited so register soon.



How to Use Your Digital SLR Camera – Four Individual  Progressive Workshops 


Did you just buy a new digital SLR camera? Do you only use your digital camera on automatic and have no idea what all those other buttons are about?  Want to figure out how to use it? How to Use Your Digital SLR Camera – Four Progressive Workshops will give you the hands-on training you need to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your camera and how to take great photographs.


Monday April 2   Thursday April 5   Wednesday April 11  Tuesday April 17 





Now that you know how to make great natural light images it is time to add some sizzle to your portraiture! Take the heat up on your image making with Speedlight = Great Light. This photography workshop is designed to give you all of the basics for making dynamic images in all lighting conditions using your off camera flash. Learn how to balance ambient and flash exposures! 



Saturday / April 14, 2018 



School Mission

The Creative Light’s mission is to promote creativity through inspiring classes of all types designed for participants of all levels, taught by dedicated instructors in a participatory learning experience.  We aim to provide a positive space for students to develop their creative potential.  We also strive to provide a supportive inspirational community where participants build confidence in achieving their artistic goals both personally and professionally.  Through The Creative Light you are sure to find an experience that will take your skills to the next level. 

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