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Seeing the Light: Creative Use Of The Off Camera Flash

Tom Turner will be teaching a four hour workshop about using off camera flash on Saturday April 2nd.  This course is designed as the second lighting course offered by the Creative Light! If you already know a bit about you’re off camera flash or you have taken our foundation lighting course Exploring Off Camera Flash: Speedlight = Great Light then this is the opportunity to take your flash skills to the next level.


This workshop will take your basic understanding and put it to practice in real lighting scenarios! Learn to work with lights on an instinctive level, master the TTL, and explore the creative lighting solutions for your photographs! For more information go to or call or email Nancy Cavender Garcia at 210-367-0724 or  Join us and let’s light things up!

By Hand and Stitch | Hand Quilting Workshop

Saturday, June 11th, should be a great day for all lovers of fabric, thread and handcrafted things!  Carol Cunningham will be teaching an intensive workshop on the art of quilting.  During this workshop participants will learn tips, tricks, and basics to creating a quilting from start to finish. Cunningham will guide workshop attendants through the formative steps of quilt making with hand on demonstrations and guided instruction.

HAnd and stitch poster 1 small

This is a great opportunity for you to learn from scratch how to quilt or an opportunity to learn new tricks.  So go to for more information or call Nancy Cavender Garcia at 210-367-0724 or email  We would love to see you join us on this adventure in fabric.


Paper Makes a Difference


Great News! If you were not able to attend the Paper Makes the Difference event on February 15th presented by Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper and The Creative Light do not despair. Tom Turner created a video of the entire event and I know you will find it extremely insightful. David Robert Farmerie was smart and entertaining with great stories to go along with all of the images. Do yourself a favor and take a moment to watch this great video.

Running_Horses_Toned 72

Lightroom: The More Advanced WorkFlow

Saturday, March 5th, (NEXT WEEK) Tom Turner will be presenting the second half of his informative and affordable Lightroom workshop; Lightroom: The More Advanced WorkFlow. If you took his Lightroom Workflow: Lightroom Lite last year or you already have a basic understanding of the Adobe Lightroom software then this is the workshop for you.

Tom Turner at the Lightroom Light Workshop

Tom Turner at the Lightroom Light Workshop

He will start off showing the students the power of Lightroom through advanced keyword searching to create smart catalogs and then continue to cover the print, book, slideshow, and web modules. This workshop will give you the push you need to take you to the next level of understanding in Lightroom and give you confidence in using this dynamic tool. If you are interested and need more information you can go to or contact Nancy Cavender Garcia at 210-367-0724 or It will be very revealing and popular so make sure and reserve you space as soon as possible.

Exploring Off Camera Flash: Speedlight = Great Light

Less than a week away is your opportunity to learn all about your off camera flash.  Saturday, February 27th, Tom Turner will be teaching you how to balance ambient and flash exposures! Whether you have a flash you are not getting total use of or you are thinking about purchasing a flash here is your chance to take control of your camera and add some sizzle to your photography.  For more information go to or contact Nancy Cavender Garcia at 210-367-0724 or email at  I believe you will find this workshop is the chance to step up your photography to the next level. Canon_Speedlite_550EX_flash

Hahnemühle Paper And David Robert Farmerie Come to Town!

DF_11149-102669 72

The Creative Light in striving to offer creative and educational opportunities is thrilled to invite you to attend a Hahnemühle Paper event on February 15, 1pm to 4pm. This event will introduce David Robert Farmerie, veteran photographer, in collaboration with Hahnemühle FineArt Paper, where Mr. Farmerie will present a 2-hour talk on the profound importance of fine art paper in photography today. Whether you are capturing digitally, or with film, the role of fine art paper has never played a more vital role – including for those who are working in the Alternative Process world. Plenty of time will also be allotted, afterwards, for Q&A.

David will also share stories, and images, from his current photographic documentary: In Search of America, and how critical paper choice is to the final vision. You can find more information about David Robert Farmerie and his work at www.davidfarmerie.comRunning_Horses_Toned 72

Those in attendance will also have the opportunity to meet, and talk face to face with Carol Boss, Marketing Services Manager at Hahnemühle USA, and Kevin Anthius, Sales Manager, Midwestern USA for Hahnemühle. You can find more about Hahnemühle paper products at


This event is free and open to the public, however, space is limited so please email to let us know you if you will be attending. This event will be held at the O’Krent’s Abbey Flooring Center located at 2075 North Loop 1604 East in San Antonio. And if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact Nancy Cavender Garcia at 210-367-0724 or go to

Adobe Lightroom Adventure

This Saturday a great learning experience was had by all! Tom Turner started us off on our adventure with Lightroom. We learned about the Library Mode and keeping our photographs organized and safe. Then we delved into the Develop mode and have started the journey to making our images look fantastic.

Tom Turner at the Lightroom Light Workshop

Tom Turner at the Lightroom Light Workshop

Thank you for everyone who came out for this great learning experience. And this coming Saturday we will be meeting again to continue this journey into Lightroom. Tom will be covering the more advanced features available in this very deep software. And we will also cover the print, book, slideshow, and web modules. It will be a great opportunity to take your Lightroom skills to the next level. If you would like more information about this event go to, email or call Nancy at 210-367-0724.

Lightroom Workflow Classes!

December is coming and here is a great Christmas, Hanukah or “just because you deserve it” gift for you and/or a friend. The Creative Light is offering two back to back classes in December. The first is Lightroom Workflow: Lightroom Lite, a four hour workshop offered on December 5th that gets you started off conquering your fear of new software and giving you the ability to turn your good photographs into great photographs.

Tom Turner teaching the Spring Lightroom Lite class

Tom Turner teaching the Spring Lightroom Lite class

The second workshop Lightroom: The More Advanced Workflow offered on December 12th will start back up from where we left off in Lightroom Lite, moving you to the next level of the software. After all Lightroom gives you all the tools you need to bring out the best in your photography, punch up colors, make dull-looking shots vibrant, remove distracting objects and straighten skewed shots.Lightroom image

Tom Turner will be teaching both of these workshops and I believe you will find him to be an expert on the Lightroom workflow. So whether you join us for both classes or just one, take a look at for more information or call Nancy Cavender Garcia at 210-367-0724 with any questions.

Social Media 101 for Social People

Another opportunity is quickly coming to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram as marketing tools. Carol Cunningham will be teaching this four hour workshop, Social Media 101 for Social People, on Saturday October 31st from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm (and you will still have time for trick or treating).

photoCarol will guide us through the first steps of creating and using the social network as a successful marketing tool. This will be the first of several workshops to make you your own social network marketing master. So join me and let’s take control of the social network. Go to Should be a fun day, see you there.



How to Use Your Digital Camera

Digital SLR cameras are extremely complicated these days and if you find yourself wondering what all those buttons actually do then this is the workshop for you.

How to use your camera image

On Saturday, September 19, Nancy Cavender Garcia will be giving a 4 hour workshop covering those very controls and functions. You will gain an understanding of exposure and how you can create better photographs using your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, plus so much more. This is your opportunity to start controlling the look of your images. This hands-on class will be your start to fabulous photographs.  Make sure to go to for more information and how to secure your space in the class.

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